Creating Conversations that Matter
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Our core service is supporting Leaders in engaging each other, their teams, and their entire organizations, in Profound Conversations to realize Successful Change.

Profound Conversations in Four Arenas:

1. Leadership Development: We enable middle and senior leaders to flourish by re-discovering their strengths, clarifying their commitments, and fundamentally changing their conversations by using carefully selected assessments, tools and techniques for deepening conversation, and 1-1 coaching.

2. Team Development: We enable outstanding leadership teams by helping them: clarify their purpose, commit to an inspiring vision, deepen relationships, and fundamentally change their 1-1 and collective conversations.

3. Guiding and Supporting Organizational Change: We enable leaders and organizations to use broad-based participative and collaborative approaches to transform the whole system (people, processes, structure, culture, technology, and systems) necessary for rapid, successful, and long-lasting change.

4. Critical Meeting Design and Facilitation: We co-create and facilitate customized and highly participative meetings and conferences that build alignment and engagement, setting the stage for rapid, large-scale, and successful execution

We also offer open Leadership Programs to develop senior and middle management’s skills in successfully supporting their team and organization through change.

As your needs are unique, in our early conversations we help you to asses which of our service mix to use in your journey to better business results.

Ready for a deeper conversation about how we can help you succeed by transforming the conversations in your business? Please contact us directly: 1-630-605-4610 /

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