Creating Conversations that Matter
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Meet Neil Samuels

A respected coach, mentor, and innovative thinker, Neil has successfully worked with leaders at all levels for nearly 30 years. He has demonstrated value in helping senior leaders develop themselves, their teams, and their organizations as they navigate through complex, large-scale change. His consulting and leadership development experience spans six continents and a wide range of businesses and sectors – from Architecture, R&D, Sales and Marketing, and Cruise Lines, to Offshore Oil Production, Government, Education, and Financial Investing. He has also held senior Organizational Development positions in BP .

Neil has an advanced degree in organization development from Pepperdine University where he served as adjunct faculty in the Graziadio School of Business and Management. He has published in the US and UK in The OD Practitioner, Managing Schools Today,  the AI Practitioner, and the American Society of Safety Engineers, and has presented his work at The Academy of Management ,  The International Conference on Appreciative Inquiry and the National Safety Council Congress.

Building on a foundation of Appreciative Inquiry, Neil is most often called upon to engage and support senior leaders and their teams through transition. In fundamentally changing their conversations to bring about the lasting change they seek, he has enabled his clients to successfully transform not only their leadership but also their entire organizations. Perhaps you would like to learn more about how Neil, and Profound Conversations, can support your leadership and organization through your challenges? We are always open for a conversation and look forward to hearing from you.

Publications and Presentations

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