Creating Conversations that Matter
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Why Conversations?

– By Neil Samuels

“Only through conversations characterized by depth, integrity, and intensity can real change happen.”

We have all experienced many types of change, at the personal, interpersonal, and organizational levels. We have married, divorced, moved, merged, been right-sized, downsized, reorganized, and “transformed”. We have aspired to change, and change has been forced upon us. The same is true in organizations. And whether the desire (or need) for change has been sourced from desperation or aspiration, it has been at these times that Leaders and organizations ask for support.

I have been that support. After working as an internal resource in Organizational Development and Change for seventeen years in a multinational organization, consulting on projects on 5 continents, I decided to take what I had learned and share it more widely. To share it with organizations and Leaders like you.

As part of a global company, I saw a multitude of initiatives brought in to “manage” change – no doubt you have experienced many as well. Have you found, as I have, that very few succeeded?

So what makes for successful lasting change? I realized it was when people engaged in deep and meaningful conversations at three levels: 1) among leaders; 2) between leaders and their organizations; and 3) among the members of those organizations.

When conversations at any level were missing, or superficial, the change effort failed. I realized that change tools, structures, and processes are all important and helpful – but Profound Conversations are the key.

Since realizing this, I have worked with organizations and leaders across industry, government and not-for-profit – all with similar, lasting success.

Perhaps it’s time we had a conversation? (you can find our contact details here).

I look forward to connecting with you!
Warm regards,

Neil D. Samuels

Founder, Profound Conversations LLC

PS You can learn more about my professional background here.