Creating Conversations that Matter
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Your Program Leaders

“We are proud to share this unique program with you!

Having both worked with senior leadership at BP, it is a joy now to collaborate – and extend to you and members of your Organization our combined 35 years of experience, expertise, and passion in developing Inspired Leaders.”

Neil D. Samuels and Carolyn Rowe

You can learn more about Neil here, and read about Carolyn below.

More On Carolyn:

Carolyn Rowe of Connections Leadership has a tremendous capacity to use humor, creativity, and energizing activities to help people connect and build deep relationships as well as learn and stretch in ways they would not have predicted. This bond between participants and her thoughtful down to earth workshop designs create learning moments that are leveraged with solid content and meaningful conversations.

She is always result focused, but her style is to ‘evoke from’ participants rather than ‘tell’. Carolyn was instrumental in the design and delivery of a global leadership program for 10,000 BP leaders, designs memorable and meaningful team building sessions to create Teams of Integrity, and through an insightful workshop using actors guides people to build skills in having difficult conversations.

You can learn more about her work here: