Creating Conversations that Matter
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Our Approach

Clients often say that what makes us unique is the conversations we engage them in, the questions we pose, and the way we lead and facilitate inquiry – which in turn leads to significantly different, positive, and energizing outcomes.

Core to Our Approach is:

Conversation is the Key

It may be a radical notion, yet our experience in organizations large and small has shown that only when conversations are characterized by depth and intensity can real change happen.

When conversations are limited, or superficial, the change efforts fail. Change tools, structures, and processes are all important and helpful – but Profound Conversations are the key.

We Listen to You

Each change process and client engagement is unique. We are committed to listening to you, and to helping you distill your needs – in order to best support you through your process.

We Work With Real Change – Your Real Change

Think of any single change experience in your life or work? How many pages would it take to describe what actually happened? Was the way you experienced it neat and structured? Or messy and complex? We deal with the real experiences of change; not abstract management textbook models of eight steps or whatever the latest flavour of the day may be.

We work with you to support the real changes you are facing or would like to tackle – the changes that concern you as a Leader, and the changes that concern your team and organization.

The Importance of Questions & The Appreciative Approach

Our question style is based on “Appreciative Inquiry”. Essentially, without ignoring the problems being faced, we focus our questions away from deficits and gaps. We focus instead on what gives energy, and support the organization to remember what was and is good and working. As a result a different vision of an energizing future emerges.

You can learn more about Appreciative Inquiry here.