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Rethinking Governance

My colleague Bernard Mohr and I are nearly finished with a new book on governance. Some of the  propositions we examine are:

  1. What if……Governance  were all about guiding a human system in ways that generate sustainable health and prosperity for both itself, its members and the community of stakeholders in which it lives, within ethical, legal and moral boundaries?
  2. What if such governance occurred every day, in all corners of the system and not just in the rarified air of quarterly board meetings?
  3. What if such ubiquitous governance were produced by the integrated arrangement of systems, processes, structures, and relationships?
  4. What if this arrangement were intentionally designed to identify, magnify and connect individual and organizational strengths?
  5. What if this intentional design emerged from a highly participative process?
  6. What if all this led to levels of staff engagement and operational excellence that enabled significantly faster responsiveness to shifts in threats, demand or opportunity?

We believe that moving these six points from the realm of provocative propositions to reality can explicate the hidden resource of governance in your organization; one you can tap into to bring your people alive and help your organization thrive. How to make that happen, the design and functioning of governance systems and even how we think about governance, its functions and how they should be executed … these are the questions the book will engage. Please stop by often for updates.



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